International Animal Rights Gathering (IARG) 2012

weekend of workshops, talks, discussions, films, information stalls, entertainment and networking

  • Ort: Piskorzyna 18, 56-160 Winsko, Polen
  • Datum: 13. Juli 2012 (Ganztägig)

The International Animal Rights Gathering is an annual event which brings together activists from all over the world for a weekend of workshops, talks, discussions, films, information stalls, entertainment and networking. The aim of the Gathering is to promote and improve co-operation and co-ordination between activists from many different countries, with the aim of building a strong coherent global movement to fight animal exploitation and spread compassion. This is particularly important bearing in mind that most animal exploitation and abuse is an international business which operates across international borders, so it's vital that we as a movement also learn to think and work globally too.

Join us in Poland for the 14th annual Animal Rights Gathering.

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IARG Location

The IARG takes place in Tara - a horse sanctuary in Piskorzyna.

The exact address is:
Piskorzyna 18,
56-160 Winsko,

Two nearest airports are Poznan and Wroclaw.

If you arrive in Wrocław - take a train to Wołów. If you arrive in Poznań - take a train to Rawicz.

We will provide some transport for people arriving in both cities on 12.07.2012, at around 16. Please email us if you want to book a seat! The transport will cost a voluntary donation.

You can check train timetables for Poland here:


The IARG will start on Thursday 12.07.2012 in the evening and will finish on 15.07.2012 (Sunday) also in the evening.


There will be a campsite available and probably some common room too. If you have special sleeping requests because of medical or other reasons, please contact us in advance so we can make sure we provide everyone with a comfy sleeping place. There are several toilets and showers present at the site. Please do not bring your phone or camera on the site - we can provide a safe space to store these items.

It is possible to stay and help at the sanctuary both before and after the IARG. There is always a lot of work when you have to take care of such a big number of animals.


We will provide 3 vegan meals a day. The price of food will be included in the general price of the IARG. There will also be a vegan bar serving coffee, tea, cakes and snacks all day long. We're also considering vegan hot dogs. If you have special food requests because of medical or other reasons, please contact us in advance so we can take this into account with the food preparation. The food will be cooked by local Food Not Bombs collective. Please bring your own cups, plates and cutlery.


Dogs are allowed on the campsite, but please consider that the site will be extremely busy, with children and other dogs, cats and other animals who are permanent residents on the site. If you can make alternative care arrangements for your dog, please do so to help the gathering run more smoothly for everyone. For safety reasons, if your dog is aggressive or unpredictable towards others, we ask that you do not brinig him or her to the camp.

Racism, sexism and other nasty things

Racists are not allowed on the campsite. The IARG is a peaceful event based on respect for others. Also, sexist or discriminatory attitudes are not welcome, and we ask all participants to be mindful of the wide variety of people attending the IARG.


One of the planned attractions will be a lottery! Bring anything that might be nice to win: your zine, a book, diy bracelet, etc. In the end we'll draw lots to see which AR project will get a lottery donation.


The cost of IARG will be 30 euro (including the food for all weekend).