Keeping of animals

There are two types of animals. One believes that there are two types, and the other one has to suffer.

We think livestock breeding is absolute nonsense. Here`s why:

1. In order to keep other animals, man has to lock them up, tie them up, hamstring or use other forces to prevent them from move around naturally.

2. So the animal prison doesn`t burst at its seams some day, man needs to control the procreation by castration, forces sterilization, separation of sexes, or trying to get rid of the “useless” animal-babies by sale, displacement, homicide.

3. No creature should be so deprived of its liberty rights in such a way.

4. Anthropocentrism is outdated and also far too difficult to pronounce.

5. The capitalistic logic of exploitation teaches: value = price. We however respond: value = intrinsic value. Touché!

6. Livestock farming has, among other things, an excrement problem - we are not even able to manage our own excrements responsibly. Ultimately everything ends up in the sea (our own fecal matters as well as that of the Billions of livestock animals).

7. Farmland can effectively satisfy hunger if it is used directly for the direct human necessities on food and doesn`t take a lavish detour through the livestock animals` stomach. (Worldwide and also in our country more than 2/3 parts of the agricultural land are used for livestock farming).

8. Modern agriculture with its form of livestock farming is responsible for a large part of the human-induced extinction of species (related to this see the Summary of the FAO study on "Livestock's Long Shadow").

9. To quote Tolstoy: “As long as there are slaughterhouses there will be battlefields”.

10. We want to be symbionts - no parasites!

11. Boundaries are random and stupid, both between people and between different species. Reason: No one is illegal, no animal is merchandise!

12. Nandus want to romp around boundlessly, without knocking against artificial barriers or being disembowelled by barbed wire.

13. Something like animal welfare does not exist. Species-appropriate is only freedom.

14. We think it is perverse that our protein-oriented nutrition is provoking more and more overweight people, while the number of people suffering from hunger or malnourishment in other regions of the world is constantly rising.

15. Putting livestock farming finally to rest would relief the Climate drastically.

16. Imagine terribly intelligent aliens came to earth: Would they also be free to reduce us to our muscles and glands and breed us the way they way they wanted? At least if it was organic-farming?

Homo sapiens, the wise man? A good idea – but when are we finally going to put it into practice?